Last update: 2024-05-21

BPCS, like other currently available complex enterprise management systems, is capable of managing the business processes of a company. There is no significant difference comparing integrated functions.

However, the efficiency of an enterprise management system does not only depend on its functionality, but largely on the sound foundations and the quality of implementation. The assessment of needs and the application possibilities at a company leads to the fullest exploitation of the system's potentials. prOffice can provide what is necessary to realize this: support based on professional knowledge and experience.

We are specialised in AS/400-based development, focusing on the implementation of enterprise management systems, their enhancement and modifications to meet customer needs as well as legal requirements.

We have always made efforts not only to "install" a system for our clients, but after assessing their real requirements and special needs, provide them with a really effective tool, covering all fields of company management.

We are not only professionals in the systems we work with, but also in managing business processes, furthermore we are engaged in selling and supporting hardware as well as developing and linking complementary products to BPCS. We provide full service including the entire implementation process and if required ongoing support. We lay emphasis on being available for our clients all the way through a project, giving solutions to their requests.

Our team of developers and consultants ensures an excellent background for our services, drawing upon professional expertise and years of practical experience gained in company environment. The key strength of our firm lies in our developers and consultants, who understand business requirements as well as the underlying platforms and technologies. This powerful combination enables them to understand and realise customer needs with speed and accuracy.