Last update: 2024-06-17

The platform, prOffice knows best and on the basis of the experiences of more than 100 man-years recommends most is: IBM AS/400.

The IBM AS/400, and currently the new are among the world's most popular multi-user, general business computers, that can be used both for complex business applications, and for modern Internet-based solutions like Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), server-side Java, Domino, business intelligence, and extranet (B2B).

The advanced architecture and leading technology of AS/400 makes it unique in the IT market. Its integrated structure represents high technology, while it does not let the user discover the complexity the work of the traditional IT suppliers provides. Currently, there are more than 700,000 AS/400 servers operating across 150 countries.

The soul of the machine is the OS/400 operating system, a perfectly integrated operating environment. It possesses everything that is necessary to run the applications of a company, regardless of its size. Uniquely in this branch, AS/400 systems are capable of supporting several application architectures running parallel on one single server. (OS/400, Windows, Linux, and UNIX).

Our services:

Sale, support
AS/400 training courses
AS/400 hardware without investment
Backup-server to ensure continuous operation

Sale, support

As an IBM business partner, we can also provide our clients with the appropriate AS/400 hardware background. We support them in selecting and ordering the ideal configuration as well as installing the application software. We undertake the maintenance of the system and if required its complete operation. When a new operating system or model enters the market, we do the software and hardware upgrade.


AS/400 training courses

Our developers have thorough professional as well as practical knowledge of one of today's most up-to-date computer architectures, both from the hardware and the programming side. Their experience gained in company environment ensures excellent background for the courses.

prOffice undertakes to organise AS/400 training courses

  • tailored to special needs
  • at a consultancy base
  • not only for our clients
  • at different levels
  • in several topics
  • within short notice
The modules of our courses can be ordered separately or in any combination:

Introduction, architecture of the system
  • AS/400 fundamentals
For AS/400 system administrators
  • AS/400 system operation
For application managers:
  • AS/400 Query - Queries
  • AS/400 SQL - Database management
For programmers:
  • Programming language of the AS/400 - CL
  • Programming language of the applications - RPG


AS/400 hardware without investment

If IT security is important for your company, but the financial capacity or the size of your company put a limit on purchasing an AS/400 server, you can get access to ours to rent a partition. Connection is possible through a telephone modem, or the Internet. In this way, small companies can also have secure hardware background without purchasing it. Additionally, your company can spare the operating and maintenance costs of a computer, as our colleagues will do these tasks.


Backup-server to ensure continuous operation

It can happen that during maintenance of the machine the transaction system cannot be used. So that your colleagues can go on with their work uninterrupted, prOffice offers secondary hardware background for your company.

We separate a partition on our AS/400 server, and moving your last backup there, work can continue through telephone modem or Internet connection, till your server is back in service. In this way operation continuity of the company is ensured from technical side.