Last update: 2024-07-13

Today, the exclusive form of settling incoming bills at large companies is bank transfer through Home Banking systems (bank terminals). The standard programme functions in most of the current enterprise management systems make only selection and listing of the overdue invoices possible. Connection between the ERP and the banking systems can only be realized through special development.

To satisfy the above needs prOffice has developed the "Bank interface" module for the two enterprise management systems we support (BPCS and MOVEX).

It has two functions:

  • Generates the file format of the supplier invoice selected for bank transfer the given bank can receive.
  • Processes the document returned by the bank in electronic form into the ERP system

Functioning of the module: selection of the supplier invoices (or other payables) for bank transfer is done through the standard functions, but in addition to the usual lists an AS/400 file is generated and transferred to the PC-based bank terminal. Then the banking software forwards it to the bank. After the bank transfer has effectively been carried out, the electronic file returned from the bank - following data sorting and checking - is processed (generally through the modified version of some standard ERP function).

The module can be integrated in the currently available versions of the two systems we work with (BPCS and MOVEX), as a product (without any tailoring). However, taking into account, that the input and output data structures of the PC-based banking systems used by various banks are different, implementation as a product is only possible in case of banks, that we have already developed the bank interface module for. As most of the clients of prOffice have connections to different banks, the module has already been developed for several banks. (HVB, CIB, CITI, Credit Lyonnais, ING, BB, Raiffeisen, K&H, MKB). In case of other banks slight modifications are necessary, that we undertake within short notice.