Last update: 2024-04-19

Board is a tool dedicated to support the work of managers, business analysts, and salespeople . Beside the main functions of the system - data analysis and reporting - the ability to simulate business processes makes it capable of planning as well, in this way supporting decision-making.

The software can be used in any industry and at companies of any size. It was developed in 1995 by Board International with a centre in Switzerland and has been introduced successfully in more than 600 companies of all sizes across industries in Western Europe. Its price/functionality ratio is proved to be the best as compared to the competing products.

The owners of the software developer company, being management consultants themselves, have designed the functions to best satisfy managers' needs. As an example, to use Board, no complicated IT and programming knowledge is needed, as its implementation and application do not require any programming. The user can define the required models with the help of the objects of the system. The system is very easy to learn and use. To satisfy multidimensional management needs, functions like data-entry through charts are integrated, which managers with a visual approach prefer to working with tables.

Additionally, the changes in organisational or business concepts can be managed with the system with high flexibility. Its data processing technology is capable of rapid analysis of even extremely large amounts of data. Board can be linked to any type of database, and can work with different databases at the same time.

In Hungary, Board is distributed by  prOffice and local support for the companies buying the software is also povided by them.

For more information contact our senior consultants, who will be at your disposal with a presentation of the product at your company site, if you wish, to show you the functions of the software and its application possibilities through practical examples.

In addition, we recommend you the web page, where you can try the Internet version of Board, and read about Board International, the developer and vendor of the software.