Last update: 2024-04-19

Recording, evaluation and periodic update of evaluation of guarantees related to loan applications and loan contracts. The system offers a possibility to handle data by branch. Inquiries may be requested onto screen or to printer. Online help is available from all screens of the system.

Functions of the system:

  • Client Maintenance (Lint to the account management system)
    Data of loan applicants may be recorded here. If the loan applicant is an existing client of the bank (he has an account), his data may be accessed through the client number.

  • Transaction Maintenance (Link to the account management system)
    Loan applications can be entered here. In case of entering existing loans, control is possible in the account management system through the loan number.

  • Guarantee Maintenance
    Guarantees can be entered here by type.

  • Allocation of Guarantees to Transactions
    In the Transaction Maintenance menu option you can allocate a guarantee, that has already been recorded, to a specific transaction. The status of the transaction reflects the statuses of the related guarantees.

  • Valuer Selection
    A valuer may be associated to a guarantee not yet evaluated, subject to authorization settings (when defining a valuer, the guarantee types that the given valuer is authorized to evaluate should be entered).

  • Evaluation
    Each valuer can only see the items assigned to him, and he can only evaluate those. When the evaluation is closed the status of the guarantee is changed.

  • Updating
    The guarantees already evaluated are periodically (yearly) selected for updating.

  • Result Sheet
    A result sheet printout may be requested for the evaluated guarantees and on the evaluated guarantees of a specific transaction, that is to be attached to the loan contract.

  • Archiving
    The system archives substantial changes of the items so that the changes of each item may be tracked.

  • Internal Authorization System
    In the system users should be defined, and they should be classified in the following groups:
    - supervisor
    - valuer
    - data entry user
    - inquiring user

  • Inquiries - Inquiries belonging to one client
    - Inquiries belonging to one loan application
    - Inquiries belonging to all loan applications
    - Branch inquiries
Guarantee types
  • Guarantees requiring evaluation
    An attachment may be made to each guarantee to be evaluated, where text, other than the main data, may be entered
    - Real estate
    - Motor vehicle
    - Inventory
    - Manufacturing machine

  • Guarantees not requiring evaluation
    - Collection
    - Surety
    - Bank guarantee
    - Draft
    - Property
    - Assignment
    - Other